Pest Inspections Jacksonville

Your first quarterly perimeter inspection and pest control service includes an initial interior treatment at a set time convenient to your schedule between 7:00am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Our service technician will meet you within a 15-minute window before or after your set time. After a thorough inspection of your home or office, our trained technician will apply a protective barrier application around entry points such as door jambs and windows and common insect harborage sites.

Common Inspection Areas

We will also find and remove accessible spider webs, wasp nests, and mud daubers from areas which include:

  • eaves
  • porches
  • patios
  • sun rooms
  • door jambs
  • window sills 

Each of the quarterly perimeter inspections and pest control services thereafter, our technicians will retreat all cracks and crevices with a protective perimeter barrier application.


The interior wall voids will be treated with either a dust or foam application. It is very important that these are applied properly or ants and other insects will simply find another path around the insecticide. Protective perimeter barrier applications will be applied to the exposed foundation, exterior surfaces, soil and nearby plant material. After this initial interior treatment we will only spot treat the inside of your home or office as needed.