Spider Control Service Jacksonville

Hot climates with humid weather patterns are most conducive to spider infestations. For the most part, spiders bites are not life threatening and pose little risk. In addition, spiders are usually not aggressive unless provoked. This often happens accidentally when someone puts on a piece of clothing without knowing a spider was living inside. Spider bites outside of the home typically occur when someone reaches into a recessed area that is a natural spider habitat. Children, the elderly and those who have an allergic reaction to spiders have an increased risk from spider bites.

Most Dangerous Spiders in Florida

There are 39 species of spiders that call Florida home. But, according to data released by the University of Florida, only two groups of biting spiders have venom strong enough to be life-threatening; the widow spider and recluse spider. The five species of venomous spiders native to our state include the:

  • Southern black widow spider
  • Northern black widow spider
  • Red widow spider
  • Brown widow spider
  • Brown recluse spider

On rare occasions, other species of spiders get intentionally or accidentally transported outside their natural territory. Fortunately, the vast majority of spider bites are not considered dangerous, but if bitten by one of the widow or brown recluse spiders, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Spider Pest Control Experts

Although Jacksonville residents don't need to be overly concerned about spiders, you likely don't want them living inside your home. This most often occurs when there is a spider infestation outside. Area residents should always inspect the interior and exterior of all structures on their property for signs of spiders. Since spiders naturally spin webs to capture prey, signs of silky threads, whether woven into a design or not, are proof of a spider's presence. If you live in Jacksonville, the Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park or St. Augustine and need to get rid of invasive or dangerous spiders, contact Safari Termite & Pest Control for a FREE consultation. Our service technicians are experienced with eliminating all kinds of household pests and can quickly get rid of any spider infestations that you may have.